I finally got around to watching some Korean Drama and it’s accurate to note that Korean Dramas are indeed chick flicks.

Descendants of the Sun follows the relationship between a Special Forces captain, Yoo Si-jin, and Doctor Kang Mo-yeon.  I mention that because I had no clue what this show was even about.

From a narrative perspective, I forgot just how slow these dramas can be.  Meaning, there’s a lot of scenes involving talking in one room for a long period of time.  Whether it’s for exposition or character development, it still has a way of pulling you into the story.  However, the tone of this show feels a bit unbalanced.  One minute we’re enjoying a nice, slow, deep conversation about love (or something), and the next minute there’s a big action sequence.  Afterwards, we’re back with people talking about their feelings.  It really felt like I was watching two different shows.

The whole side story involving Argus felt unnecessary to the plot, which causes that unbalanced tone.  The war scenes, however, just felt kind of weird.  Maybe it’s just the way the show is directed, since it is a TV show.  At least, those were just my critique on the technical stuff.

For this show being a chick flick, it really does paint the picture of a perfect guy.  A character (especially the main one) should have a flaw and I don’t think Yoo Si-jin has a flaw.  Maybe his flaw could be that he keeps secrets, but that’s just what a soldier is told to do.  However, there isn’t really anything wrong with the guy.  He’s good looking, physically fit, knows how to fight, charming, protective, Korean, and most of all, this guy just cannot die.  Homeboy got shot three times and ends up walking the next day as if nothing happened.  He feels no pain (except maybe heartache, but whatever).

I’m not sure if this is what women sees as a “perfect man,” but these dramas sure do like to depict it that way, at least for this one.  From a story telling stand point I understand why it is.  Given that he’s the hero of the story, he should be viewed that way in a cool manner.  Or perhaps even from a guy’s perspective, with this approach, it makes us view on what a guy could be capable of.  Because you know, the whole save the day, get the girl concept.

Lastly, everyone is so clean.  Even during the earthquake, everyone still manages to be wearing clean clothes.  Anyway, despite it sometimes feeling unbalanced in its narrative tone and structure, I still enjoyed this show for the most part.  I think the thing I enjoyed most is when Mo-yeon said that she saves lives; while on the other hand, Si-jin saves lives through the death of others.  This gives a interesting approach in terms of it being a love story about two different, but similar people.  Maybe I should’ve focused talking about that instead. Oh well…

So why is it called Descendants of the Sun?  8/10.

Okay Chong, I have four other recommendations from you to watch.