I re-watched the live-action version of Beauty and the Beast and despite some awkward editing; weird direction choices that made memorable, chilling, moments feel flat and rushed… it was still just an okay adaptation.

There’s a joke that says, of course Belle would fall in love with Beast, it doesn’t matter as long as he’s rich, right?  I guess if we try to change the scenario, would it really make a difference?  I guess that’s for true love to find out.

However, to make the central character a prince really speaks to the male ego.  A man is someone who sees himself as someone who is always above others.  For someone who is selfish and prideful, (and very handsome) it’s easier to see these qualities in someone such as Beast.  And like all men, it’s always tough to ever be half the man as their fathers.  Some boys become men, but some boys will always remain a boy.

Even to the most selfish and prideful guy there is, there’s always a girl that can make him soft.  Beast learns to humble himself through his interactions with Belle and it seems he can finally just be himself, and not what he appears to be.

But of course, if I continue with this argument… it can even lead down to me saying, like all girls, when they meet a bad boy, their wish and desire is to know that they can change and save him.  So with that, I’ll stop there.