The Fate of the Furious centers around fate and choice.  Obviously.

At the beginning of the film we see Dom and Letty on their honeymoon being happy.  It seems as though it must be fate for them to finally be where they’re at.  When we meet Cipher, she tells Dom that its fate that they met and Dom replies with him choosing his own fate.

Later on, when we get the big reveal about Dom’s baby (*spoiler), Cipher has this monologue about Choice Theory (that I will not be going into detail with).  Seems like an interesting read though.

If Dom is one that relies on choice, his choices will bring the outcome of his baby’s death.  However, if he chooses to be in control of Cipher, then he ultimately loses the option of choosing.  So, is it really fate that these two met so the story of Fast 8 can happen?  Or is Cipher choosing the control Dom, relinquishing him of his choices, which allows Cipher to act as a higher being making this narrative meant to be “fate,” when really it isn’t.  Is fate really then just an illusion?

The only way Dom can get away from this control is by the help of others… and with Dom outsmarting Cipher in the end, perhaps he really does make his own fate, thus showing that it really is about the choices that we make.

I guess in a way when we make choices it seems like it may lead to fate like it was meant to be.  However, those same choices could have a negative outcome.  Whether it was fate or not can really depend on how you look it.  It seems though, that we can never really know until hindsight… or maybe it really was fate?

A funny scene at the end of the moving shows Roman and Tej making Ramsey choose which one she should be with.  Rather than making a choice, she allows them to choose by figuring out what her last name is… which by the way, I don’t think the writers gave her one yet.