Before setting off on our first mission,
Choosing a job was our first commission.

Should I be a knight?
Slaying all enemies with my might?

How about a monk?
Punching away through all the junk.

Or perhaps a black mage?
Wielding magic from afar as we engage.

But being a white mage,
Helps cure our health gauge.

While the blue mage takes other’s magic,
Oh boy, does that sound like a tragic.

With the red mage, though,
Using white and black could be a blow.

The thief, however,
Steals, thinking he is clever.

Whereas the ninja’s speed,
Makes for a quicker bleed.

Or I can try the spoony bard,
But I probably wouldn’t hit very hard.

So many jobs that I can choose,
There’s no way we’ll ever lose.

Wait, why are we only on level five,
How on earth will we ever survive?

Whether you take the main story or side quest
Final Fantasy will always be the best.

via Daily Prompt: Survive